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Welcome to my Tumblr.

I like video games.

I like people
who like video games.

May fortune
smile upon thee!

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Kirby Art - I’ve got one more set of these to go after this!  
So many Kirby Abilities! I am getting down a style here, slowly but surely. 

While I have made everything available so far for sale, I plan to update a few of these in the near future, just to clean ‘em up, ( pattern /colors ) and make everything in the set 100 % consistent. Part of me wants to move on to another project but another part is like… fix this!!! So I will fix before I move on to….. megaman bosses! :)

Here is a link to the entire collection on Redbubble

Thank you for your supports and shares so far, it is very encouraging and I look forward to sharing more stuff with you all! Have a great day!